Nicole officially signs with B2M Entertainment + to release solo album in November

Nicole has been confirmed to sign an exclusive contract with B2M Entertainment which is curretly managing Lee Hyori, Spica and Eric Nam.

On October 14th, B2M Entertainment released their official statement,"Nicole, who has been preparing for her solo comeback after ending her contract with DSP Media, has chosen B2M Entertainment as her new agency"

It was revealed that B2M Entertainment CEO Gil Jong Hwa has been working with Kara since debut so he's the one that highly aware of Nicole's potential as a solo artist. It seems to be the reason why the ex-Kara's member decided to entrust her future in the new agency.

They continued,"Nicole decided to leave all the contract terms and agency up to CEO Gil Jong Hwa, but the company wanted to prepare a treatment worthy of Nicole, who has high popularity in Korea, Japan and around Asia, so after completing all the preparations, we naturally led to signing the contract".

In particular, according to Star News, Nicole will release her first solo album this November while the agency also said that she's currently preparing for her solo comeback. It seems we will get to see Nicole as a soloist soon.