MBLAQ's Mir gives a surprise proposal to Kara's Gyuri on 'First Day of Work'

Mir surprised Gyuri with his sudden proposal in a recent episode of tvN's 'First Day of Work'.

The broadcast on October 23rd showed the first day working as catering franchise employees of MBLAQ's Mir and Kara's Gyuri. Since it's their first time working at the company, the seniors workers explained to them about their regular works as well as some welfare benefits that they will receive as the company employees.

In particular, one of them said that a married couple will get paid 500,000 won each. Upon hearing this, Mir immediately asked Gyuri,"Do you want to get married noona?" and made her burst in laugher with his statement. Mir then asked her once again,"Will you marry me noona?" after hearing that married couples will also get a 5-day vacation.

Check out the video below