MBLAQ revealed to likely remain as a group regardless of their contract expiration

Following the news of Lee Joon and Thunder will not renew their contracts with J.Tune Camp which led to fans' conclusion that MBLAQ might disband soon, some officials in the music industry has revealed that the members might still remain as a group regardless of the expiration of their contracts.

OBS has come out with an exclusive report saying that according to multiple officials in the industry, MBLAQ members might continue staying in the group regardless of the expiration of their contracts including Lee Joon. This means that even a member didn't renew the contract with J.Tune Camp and signs with another agency, he would likely find a way so that he could promote as MBLAQ member.

One official said,"Even if one member decided to not renew his contract with the current agency as the contract expiration is coming near, he's unlikely to leave the group. If he renews his contract, the activities will naturally proceed, but even if the members belong to different agencies, they are likely to continue their individual activities along with MBLAQ activities".

Meanwhile, MBLAQ will launch solo concert 'Curtain Call' at Olympic Park's Olympic Hall in Seoul on November 29th & 30th.