Lee Soo Man's wife reported to have passed away from intestine cancer

SM Entertainment's CEO Lee Soo Man's wife revealed to have passed away last month.

On October 5th, SM Entertainment released an official statement saying,"Producer's Lee Soo Man's wife, Kim Eun Jin, has passed away from small intestine cancer last September 30th. Her cancer was first discovered in December 12th, and after receiving a large surgery in January 2013, she has been continuously receveing treatments such as chemotherapy since then. Producer Lee Soo Man stayed by her side every day and night from the moment her cancer was discovered until the moment of her leaving. Eventually, her cancer recurred again and after 2 years of fighting illness, she passed away on September 30th".

The rep also said that the funeral was held quietly without any annoucement due to the request from the family. The funeral cortege was done on October 2nd.

We send out deepest condolences to Lee Soo Man's family and may she rest in peace.