Kim Yoo Jung flaunts her mature beauty in first still cuts for web drama 'Love Cell'

Kim Yoo Jung shows that she is growing up well into a beautiful young lady in first still cuts of upcoming web drama 'Love Cell'.

'Love Cell' is based on popular webtoon series of the same title which was published on Naver from July 2012 to March 2013. It tells the story of a 'love cell' cat named Nebi(Kim Yoo Jung) who will become love couselor for Ma Dae Choong(Park Sun Ho), who has never dated before, and will try to set him up with top star Seo Rin(4Minute's Nam Jihyun).

The drama will also staring Jang Hyuk as the neighbor hyung of Ma Dae Choong and Kim Woo Bin as the god of the 'love cell'.

'Love Cell' wil be premiered on Naver TV Cast starting from November 3rd.