Kangnam talks about being unsuccesful and compares M.I.B to EXO

M.I.B Kangnam who is recently rising to fame by having fixed position on variety shows here and there guested on October 9’s broadcast of JTBC’s Ssulzun.

There he shared about how he struggles as a member of unsuccessful group for 4 years. He admitted, "I have no idea that M.I.B wouldn't be successful for this long.It's the 4th year since we've debuted already and we've released seven albums yet we didn't gain success. I really owe a huge debt to our company."

When asked what could be the reason of not gaining success, Kangnam answered, "Our music might not be good. If we compare to EXO, they are really cool. We must do better stages but we are not dancing. We just do rapping and singing but no dancing so it's quite lacking."

Meanwhile, Kangnam is a mixed blood with Japanese father and Korean mother. He's getting attention after appearing in JTBC's 'Off To School' and MBC's I Live Alone." He has also new projects in line for JTBC new program 'Inside Story Salon' as host and will join as new member of 'MBC's 'Hello Stranger' with Fuji Mina.