Hyun Bin to make his on screen comeback in SBS's new drama 'Hyde, Jekyll, I'

Hyun Bin will make his on screen comeback after his military discharge in SBS's new drama 'Hyde, Jekyll, I'.

On October 7th, a drama rep from SBS announced that Hyun Bin has been confirmed to play as the lead role in upcoming drama 'Hyde, Jekyll, I'. The female lead and other actors are still under discussion, while the filming will kick off in mid-November.

'Hyde, Jekyll, I' will be a 20-episode drama which is based on a popular webtoon series named 'Dr.Jekyll is Mr.Hyde'. It tells the story of a woman who fells in love with two completely different sides of the same man. Hyun Bin will be acting as both cold Jekyll during the day and sweet Hyde in the night. This will be his first time acting a double role since debut, raising everyone's excitement and anticipation towards the drama.

'Hyde, Jekyll, I' will be broadcasted in January, 2015.