Girl's Day Minah and Son Heung Min reported to have broken up

Tracking back, in late July this year it was confirmed that Minah is dating soccer player Son Heung Min. However, seems like distance hinders their relationship and ends it in natural manner.

Son Heung Min's representative admitted to Ilgan News today that they two have broken up. "It's true that the two of them haven't seen each other since July." The soccer player's side added that aside from distant relationship, he also can't spend time as he's preparing for national competition in Korea. "Although they have good feelings towards each other, they've decided to naturally broke up."

UPDATE: Girl's Day Minah's representative confirms, "Although they've shared good relationship, but due to their busy schedules, they didn't find time to contact each other."

Minah relays her message through her agency DreamT Entertainment, "During that time we were still in the beginning stages and our feelings are still developing, however, because of busy schedules and too much attention, we've lost contact with each other... being a fan, I'll continue cheering for him to give us good games, as for myself, I'll focus on my group's and solo activities."

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