Dynamic Duo's Gaeko unveils first still cuts for his quadruple MV

Gaeko will present 4 music videos for his 1st solo album 'REDINGRAY'.

On October 10th, Amoeba Culture released some still cuts from Gaeko's upcoming quadruple MV. The tracks that have been chosen to turn into MVs are 'Rhythm Is Life', 'Rose', 'No Make Up' ft Zion.T and HA:TFELT and the last one is 'Passout' feat Bumkey.

In particular, the title track still hasn't been revealed yet which has raised the curiosity of the fans even more whether it will be one of the 4 tracks above or it will be a different song from the album.

Meanwhile, 'REDINGRAY' will be released online and offline respectively on October 16th & 17th.