Dynamic Duo's Gaeko to release first solo album this October

Dynamic Duo's Gaeko will make his debut as a soloist this month.

On October 1st, Amoeba Culture announced that Gaeko will be releasing his first solo allbum in mid-October.

The title of the album is 'REDINGRAY'. The 'RED' in the tile expresses people's laten desire while 'GRAY' is used to describe how the world is seen through one' eyes.

In particular, Gaeko will he holding a exhibition on the theme of'Visualization of Music' in order to show the public about his musica; story as well as his artistic inspiration.

An agency rep said,"This solo album will be emboded with Gaeko' thought and passion as an individual artist and not as Dynamic Duo's Gaeko. It will show his musical maturity and also let him appeal more as an artist to the public"