CNBlue's Jonghyun snaps a supportive selca with Nam Young Joo

CNBlue's Jonghyun has poured his support for the debut of Nam Young Joo.

The CNBlue's guitarist presented the rookie singer a song written by himself  which turned out to be Nam Young Joo's debut title track. Jonghyun has seen talent and dedication from her and cheer for her all the way.

Not only he has written the song but he also provided guitar performance of the track. To commemorate their good hoobae-sunbae relationship, Nam Young Joo and Jonghyun snap a selca with the latter holding a signed album of Nam Young Joo with the caption,

"Finally yesterday the title song  #BecauseImSoftandKind has been released!!!! I'm presenting the first nice song with #LeeJonghyun sunbaenim!!!!!'-'* Thank you so much for this great song!!!!!!!>_<"