BTOB reveal the reason why Super Junior is their most respected sunbae

BTOB reveal why they pick Super Junior among senior groups as their most respected sunbae.

On the October 7th guest appearance of BTOB at SBS Power FM’s Power Time, DJ Choi Hwa Jung mentions, “I heard Super Junior is BTOB's favorite group. Any reason?"

BTOB answer, "They take care of us really well." They added, "We do program together and meet at concerts too and they treat us really well," expressing their gratitude.

Then DJ Choi Hwa Jung continues, "If there's a good sunbae, isn't there a bully sunbae too?" In which, BTOB mischievously answer, "There are no bully sunbae. Our EunKwang hyung bullies us."

Eunkwang says, "I'm being bullied by the 6 members," and causes laughter on the set.