[BREAKING] Total of 15 fans died in a tragic accident during 4-minute's stage at a music festival

Note: This is a developing story so there might be inconsistencies. Pray for their souls. R.I.P.

Indeed a fresh and shocking news has arrived wherein reports are stating that fans are found dead during 4-minute's performance at this afternoon's Pankyo Techno Valley Culture Festival in Sungnam.

A developing report from THE FACT confirms that a ventilation window collapsed during 4-minute's performance which caused more than  20 audience to fall down at the height of 10 meters (3 stories).

Police and rescue workers have arrived at the scene and confirmed that 15 people have died while 10 others are injured. According to reports, the window collapsed to the weight of the fans climbing up to watch 4-minute's performance.

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UPDATE: 16 dead as of 8:20PM (KST)

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