'Appa Oddiga' Song Jiah is not making an official debut, no money will be earned

A surprising yet interesting news has arrived to the avid viewers of MBC's 'Dad Where Are You Going' as season 1's lovely Song Jiah, daughter of Song Jong Kook, is reported to be making her debut as a rapper.

Earlier today, it is stated that Jiah is going to rap in her debut song 'Follow Me' which will be released on 17th.  Rapper JQ, who's worked with EXO, will be producing the song.

However, netizens react differently on this matter stating that she's too young to be starting her career and rather to enjoy her rapping skill. In response to the growing negative interest, JQ has come in defense and told Newsen,

"I am also worried about the recording. Jia's mother is worrying just in case she receives hurt through this.  But we agreed to support Jiah's dream and passion." JQ also makes clear, "The purpose is not to make money out of an official debut. We are not also doing it to make her a singer. We are not making much activities out of it as well. It's interesting to hear about Jiah's dream to sing and we like it."

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