ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik and Seo Kangjoon seen concentrating at the set of 'What’s With This Family'

The photo above shows ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik and Seo Kangjoon concentrating on reviewing their lines and might be exchanging thoughts on how to attack their respective characters.

Park Hyungsik and Seo Kangjoon are both on the KBS' drama 'What’s With This Family.' Park Hyungsik is 'Cha Dalbong' and Seo Kangjoon is 'Yoon Eunho' They are rivals. They fight for the love of Nam Jihyun's character Kang Seowool.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: Segye, Xportsnews, and Asianwiki