Yewon and Kwanghee talk about their first impressions of each other

Jewelry's Yewon, ZE:A's Kwanghee, Park Joon Geum, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Kyung Lim, Park Soo Hong appeared as guests in the 'Sibblings Not From One Mother' special episode on KBS' 'Happy Together 3' which was broadcast on September 4th.

During the broadcast, Yewon and Kwanghee revealed to be close friends since their trainee days. When Yewon was asked about her first impression of Kwanghee, she looked at him and bursted out laughing then answered,"I didn't think he would become a celebrity. He danced really well at that time so I thought he was a dance teacher".

Kwanghee then revealed his first impression of Yewon,"I thought I saw a pig coming in","I was eating at the cafeteria when I saw a chubby girl coming in, I asked her what she wanted to be then she answered she wanted to become like Moon Geun Young in the future".