'Tomorrow Cantabile' unveils individual character cuts of Dohee, Go Kyung Po, Park Bo Gum, Jang Se Hyun

KBS's upcoming drama 'Tomorrow Cantabile' has stired up the fans' expectation by releasing official character cuts of Tiny-G's Dohee, Go Kyung Po, Park Bo Gum, Jang Se Hyun.

Dohee will play as Choi Min Hee who is a double bass player, Go Kyung Po will play as violinist Yoo Il Rak who calls himself as the 'G-Dragon of the classical music world'. Park Bo Gum as Na Yoon Hoo who is a Korean - American cellist from Julliard School and will be a part of a love triangle with Cha Yoo Jin(Joo Won) and Seol Na Il(Shim Eun Kyung). Jang Se Hyun will act as timpanist Ma Soo Min who is homosexual and has a crush on Cha Yoo Jin.

'Tomorrow Cantabile' will be on air starting from October 13th.