TaeTiSeo's guest appearance on SUKIRA is cancelled; requested by SM

Last week it was announced that TaeTiSeo are appearing on their Super Junior sunbae radio program KBS Cool FM SUKIRA as part of their promotions.

With DJ Ryeowook being absent this week, the girls are expected to interact and chit-chat with the surprise Super Junior DJ on Thursday. However, SUKIRA tweeted a notice earlier that TaeTiSeo's guest appearance on Thursday (October 2) is cancelled and apologized for the abrupt notice.

Momentarily, the bulletin is updated with new guests, Indie pop duo OkDal and BTOB's Eunkwang instead. In regard to this, representative of SUKIRA told Starnews, "The request came from SM Entertainment. As for the reason why, they didn't inform us."

This morning a news broke out about Jessica's withdrawal and many assumed it caused the change of TaeTiSeo's schedule but hopefully it's not since SM Entertainment assures that SNSD's activities will go on as scheduled.

Let's wait until they reschedule TaeTiSeo's appearance and anticipate their guesting.

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