TaeTiSeo share unfortunate happenings behind 'Holler' MV filming

We might adore and hail the girls for their glamorous music video for their comeback song 'Holler' but there are more stories behind that are not glamorous as it can be.

On the September 23rd episode of OnStyle's 'The TaeTiSeo' the trio features the behind-the-scenes of their filming for 'Holler'.

However, some struggles and hardships occurred during the process. To sum it up, Seohyun lost her balance during the scene with the glass stage and the broadcast showed the worried Taeyeon and Tiffany.

In addition to that, because of their concept's demanding use of heels, Taeyeon almost broke her toe nails and expressed how many times she has suffered the same pain. Lastly, Tiffany who appeared to be very on hand throughout the filming has showed her love and dedication by personally taking the responsibility of coordinating their outfits and accessories.

When the girls have struggled like this, all we could do is support their comeback and cheer on them.