TaeTiSeo says they didn't like their unit's name

TaeTiSeo members confessed that they didn't like their subunit's name and also their group name at first.

In the broadcast of KBS's 'Entertainment Weekly' on September 27th, TaeTiSeo made their appearance in the 'Guerilla Date' segment. When the reporter asked if they came up with their unit's name themselves, Tiffany frankly said,"No, we didn't really like the name. We were wondering if the unit name should be 'Twinkle' or something but our company said we should just go with 'TaeTiSeo'. We didn't believe that the name which was written on our schedule (Tae, Ti, Seo, Yoon, Sun...as abbreviation for their names) would end up being our group's name, but it really happened".

Seohyun said,"At first we complained about it a lot", Tiffany continued,"We called ourselves as 'T.T.S' just like our seniors SES but the team director just said,"No, TaeTiSeo is perfect". It's the same for Girls' Generation. When we first heard the name, we responsed,"Really Girls' Generation?". After all the years that we trained and we were going to be called as Girls' Generation? But now, we feel thankful towards the team director".

Check out the interview clip below