Son Ho Joon,"Without Yunho, I would have died of hunger"

Son Ho Jun once again expressed his thankful towards TVXQ's Yunho.

During the broadcast of tvN's 'Youth Over Flowers' on September 26th, he said,"Without Yunho, I would have died of hunger. I was so hungry and had no money at that time. I was living off him".

He continued,"There was one time when Yunho was in Korea, but he was getting ready to go to Japan for 3 months, he asked me,"Hyung, I will go there for 3 months, will you be ok?". He later went out and bought instant ramen and instant rice and put in the house. I only ate 1 ramen for a couple of meals because I had no money at that time".

"When I receive something, I will have to pay it back. Because I received a lot from other people during my dificulties so I need to become more successful in order to return them back".