SHINee's Jonghyun apologizes for his controversial behavior on 'Infinity Challenge' + Haha responses

SHINee's Jonghyun posted an apology on his Twitter regarding his behavior in a recently broadcast of MBC's 'Infinity Challenge'.

He tweeted on September 14th,"I have received a lot of advice after the broadcast of Infinity Challenge. I'm very close with Haha hyung so I got very excited and made the viewers uncomfortable. I apologize to all the fans who love Infinity Challenge. I'm sorry to the Blue Night family as well. I will also apologize to Haha hyung".

He continued,"The radio special will continue next week, please stay tuned! I learned a lot from this show. Once again I apologize! Please give a lot of love to Blue Night and Infinity Challenge!".

Haha later wrote on his Twitter regarding the issue,"It seems everyone is having a little misunderstanding about Jonghyunie~^^ Like Jonghyunie said, we're really close and we wanted to make the variety show fun, but it seems we made it uncomfortable for the viewers..Jonghyunie did his best~ Everyone~ please love Jonghyunie~^^ SHINee is the best~!! hahaha"

For more information, Jonghyun made his appearance in the broadcast of 'Infinity Challenge' on September 13th and had a meeting with Haha who would take over his DJ position on 'Blue Night' for a day. After the broadcast, Jonghyun received a lot of critism for his behavior and speaking towards Haha considering he's a junior.

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