Nine members of SNSD renew contract with SM Entertainment; to focus more on solo activities

SONEs are going to see more of SNSD members in the future particularly through unit and individual activities.

According to the article posted by, all nine members of Girls Generation renew their contract for another three years. The members debuted in 2007 and have completed their 7-years contract in August.

The contract proposal for another three years have made and discussed with individual members. In regards to that, the nine members are continuing their career for another three years as SM artists with different conditions for each.

In fact, after Girls Generation finished their official activities in the first half, individual members are expected to be busy in their solo careers. Besides, by mid-September, some members have already doing unit and solo activities such as TaeTiSeo's comeback, Sunny's casting in 'Roommate' and her DJ role in FM4U. Moreover, Sooyoung and Yoona have their own schedules for drama and movie so as Yuri, Jessica and others.

Source: munhwa via naver