M.I.B's vocalist Kangnam's appearance on JTBC 'I’m Going to School!'

On the September 13th episode of JTBC 'I’m Going to School!,' M.I.B's vocalist Kangnam was featured.

Kangnam goes to school without his manager. He is a Japanese singer, thus he is not yet fluent in speaking Korean. When he takes a public transport, there are times that he really loses his way making him asks the locals all the time.

M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) is a South Korean hip hop from Jungle Entertainment. They debuted with their self-titled album, Most Incredible Busters, which was released in October 2011. You can see Kangnam on JTBC 'I’m Going to School!' every Saturday at 9:40 PM KST.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net