Lee Min Woo talks about how Shinhwa members unanimously agreed on the nude photobook on 'EXO 90:2014'

Lee Min Woo talked about Shinhwa's nude photobook on 'EXO 90:2014'.

In the broadcast of Mnet's 'EXO 90:2014' on August 29th, MC Jun Hyun Moo brought out the infamous nude photobook of Shinhwa which shocked the EXO members at its unprecedented extent.

Lee Min Woo said,"There was no SNS at that time do we didn't know about the reaction of the fans". Shin Hye Sung then said,"They would have liked it", and caused the laughter in the studio.

Upon seeing the photobook, Kai asked,"Did you gather the opinions[about the nude photobook] from all the hyungs?", to this Lee Min Woo replied,"We wanted to remember our good bodies in our early 20s and thought it wouldn't be too bad to attempt something unprecedented", and explained that the decision on the nude photobook was unanimously.