Lee Byung Hun denies being involved in an affair with model Lee Ji Yeon who blackmailed him for 5 billion won

Earlier today it was reported that Lee Byung Hun was being in an affair with model Lee Ji Yeon, who is one of the blackmailers.

The lawyer from Lee Ji Yeon's side revealed that the reason why she decided to blackmailed Lee Byung Hun was because she was hurt from his statement saying,"Let 's stop seeing each other" as they had been seeing each other several times for 3 months.

The lawyer stated,"Ms.Lee had started seeing Lee Byung Hun 3 months ago and they met each other several times at her house in Gangnam,Seoul. Last August, Lee Byung Hun told her,"Let not see each other anymore" and upon being hurt from his break up, she decided to blackmail him with the video".

About the video which was used for the blackmail, it was revealed that the one who recorded it was Glam's Dahee. It was from last June when the three of them were drinking together at Lee Ji Yeon's house. When they ran out of wine, Lee Ji Yeon went out to buy some alcohol and that was when Dahee secretly recorded the inappropriate conversation between her and Lee Byung Hun.

Also regarding those plane tickets to Europe that were found in Lee Ji Yeon's possession in order for her to escape after the blackmailing, the lawyer said that it wasn't a flight ticket but just a list of times and prices of a round trip ticket to Switzerland.

Lee Byung Hun's rep responded,"He hadn't once met her alone so we don't know where the word 'break up' came from","We believe that all the claims from Ms.Lee is a form of action to avoid a more severe punishment by making it seems like an accidental case rather than a premeditated one".

In addition, the case will be transferred to the prosecutors on September 11th.