Ladies' Code Ashley and Zuny send off EunB for the last time in tears

Ladies' Code members Ashley and Zuny come to EunB's funeral to send her off for the very last time in tears.

EunB's funeral takes place in the morning and is attended also by her family and friends, Polaris Entertainment staff, and fellow idols.

Despite of their struggle to walk because of injuries and heartbreak, Ashley and Zuny, supported by staff, pay their respect for their friend as they broke out in tears.

Moreover, celebrities who have attended are Super Junior, KARA, N.Ca, BEStie,B1A4, Girl's Day, BTS, Cross Gene, JJCC, BIG, TINT, A Pink, N.Flyinh, Nation's MC Yoo Jae Suk, musical actor Sunwoo, Sunny Hill, Rumble Fish, Dal Shabet, Secret, and more.