Kim Hyun Joong admits to his physical assault of his ex-girfriend and denies doing it repeatedly

Kim Hyun Joong was reported to show up at Seoul Songa Police Station at 9pm kst on September 2nd where he underwent an investigation for about 4 hours. He later left the police station at around 1am kst on the 3rd and was surrounded by the huge crowd of reporters outside.

When he was asked by the reporters about the case, he said,"I'm sorry, I will truthfully assist in the investigations".

During the investigation process, Kim Hyun Joong admitted to his physical assault of his ex-girlfriend, however he said it only happened once during their break up and denied it was a habitual case. About the allegations stating he repeatedly abused her which led to her rib fracture, he said it happened when they were playing around and didn't know about any of the injury after that.

Since both sides continue to have conflicted statements, the police plans to summon the plaintiff for her testimony and also have a cross-examination in the future.