JYP Entertainment says GOT7's JB didn't sustain any injury after a minor car accident

GOT7's JB was reported to have involved in a minor car accident, but fortunately that he didn't suffer from any injury.

According to JYP Entertainment, the accident occured in front of the Tri-Bowl in Incheon at 11pm kst on September 12th. It was said that the van in which JB was in with a manager and a stylist was hit by a city bus which was heading towards the G Tower near Songdo International Business District.

JB's van was reported to be in the midst of changing into the third lane due to a packed car in the fourth lane. They turned on the emergency lights and came to a stop as they saw a bus which was coming behind them. However, the bus wasn't able to stop and ended up colliding into the van.

JB was immediately transfered to a hospital after the accident. He showed no serious problems after taking X-ray examinations so he was able to come back to the dorm and continued with his schedule, but he's still shocked from the accident.

Amidst all the accidents that have happened lately, we hope that everyone will be more cautious while driving your own vehicles.