Heechul sincerely asks everyone to wear seat-belts; recalls their worst nightmare

Super Junior Heechul has made a lengthy post on his instagram relating to Ladies' Code tragic accident that resulted to EunB's death.

Initially hesitant, but the urge to give his earnest advice left him to talk about their own car accident way back 2007. He wrote,

"I met Eunbi-yang, who has left to heaven, for the first time today through a picture. She was very cute, and seeing her smile kindly brought tears to my eyes. And the person who is having the hardest time more than anyone, EunB-yang`s mother, said “EunB-ya,.. Sunbaenims came to see you, EunB.” and comforted us instead, and watching that made me feel very sad and many thoughts passed my mind. To be honest, I have been thinking a lot since yesterday… whether I should post on the sns or not about this accident that doesn`t feel like someone else`s affair. What I want to say is, please make sure to wear seatbelts. We, more than anyone else, have close relations with car accidents. 8 years ago, when I had a car accident, if I wasn`t wearing seatbelts…… I also have many times where it feels bothersome to wear seatbelts but I think about the past and always wear it. I want to say this again so I am leaving a post like this..I sincerely hope for EunB yang to rest in peace and for those around EunB-yang to become happy. And I hope Kwon Rise-yang, who is still going under treatments, to wake up soon. Our member Kyuhyun-ee said this. When he was in an accident, he wasn`t concious for 4 days.. That Rise-yang will definitely wake up..... Really.. Like Kyuhyun`s words.. Like Kyuhyun-ee.. I pray that she will have strength and will wake up." [Translated by @NKsubs]

Super Junior Heechul must be really mournful and concerned that such things has happened again to his junior. Despite of having to recall and mention the worst accident occurred in Super Junior, which they want to forget, Heechul's eagerness to relay his advice weighs more.

Hopefully, this serves as a warning and this tragic accidents won't happen again.