Girl's Day Minah and actor Seo Kang Joon cast as leads in a web-drama produced by Samsung

Entertainment officials reveals on 16th that Girl's Day Minah and actor Seo Kang Jun from 'Roommate' are cast as leads for the upcoming musical web-drama 'Best Future' (literal English translation).

The drama draws a plot about an aspiring singer which will be played by actor Seo Kang Jun and will later be joined by Minah's character through a house sharing set up, where interesting stories will unfold afterwards. The drama's set up is compared to a TV sitcom incorporated with music therefore called 'musicom' and expected to revive some songs from 80s-90s.

The drama is directed by Han Chang Geun, scripted by Kim Won Jin who worked with  2007's hit drama 'Witch Yohee', and music director Jang Ho Il from Group 015B.  It is produced by Samsung Group and will be aired through SNS such as Youtube in October.