f(x)'s Luna is in a relationship? + SM Entertainment denies

On September 22nd The Fact released an exclusive report stating that f(x)'s Luna is currently dating a non-celebrity man.

According to the report, the two were spotted at around 9am kst on September 21st at a bus stop in Hongje-dong, Seodaemu, Seoul. Both of them were seen having natural physical contact to each other as the guy was wrapping his hand around Luna' shoulder and back while she was laughing to prevent her from falling. In particular, both of them were dressing in casual clothes and also Luna didn't cover her face, she was hardly recognized and it made them look like a normal couple even more.

Regarding the report, SM Entertainment denied the two are dating each other and said,"He's just her childhood friend and they were on the way to a church together".

Check out the photos below