FTIsland release tracklist for their 1st translated album 'All About'

FT Island has revealed the full tracklist for their first translated album 'All About'.

The songs from their 'Japan Best All About' album will be translated in Korean for their domestic fans. In regards to this, the tracklist has been listed as follows:

1. BE FREE (Lyrics by #ChoiJongHoon, #LeeJaeJin)
2. FREEDOM (Lyrics by #LeeHongGi)
3. Beloved (Composed by Lee Jae-Jin/Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi, Lee Jae-Jin)
4. Shinin’ On (Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)
5. STAY (Composed by Choi Jong-Hoon/Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)
6. Morning Coffee (Composed and Lyrics by Lee Jae-Jin)
7. Last Love Song (Composed and Lyrics by Choi Jong-Hoon)
8. 오렌지색 하늘 (Composed and Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)
9. Beautiful (Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)
10. On My Way (Composed and Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)

Meanwhile, the songs will be released first digitally on October 2 while offline released of the album will be on 6th.

Source: FT Island Facebook