AOA's first single does well in Taiwan

On August 29th, AOA released their first digital single, "Miniskirt" ahead of the girl group’s first album launch in Taiwan and it did well on domestic chart.

According to Taiwan’s Omusic website, AOA’s first digital single ‘Miniskirt’ ranked no.1 on the daily chart for two consecutive days after it was out. Another digital single ‘Short Hair’ also made it to number three on the chart, which mark AOA's successful overseas debut.

The ‘Miniskirt’ digital single was released to test the market, prior to the group’s 2 full albums to be released on September 26th: The first named “AOA: Best Album” will include 13 tracks from their previous albums including “Elvis,” “MOYA” and “Get Out”; The other album, “Short Hair” will have seven tracks including “Fantasy”.

After their official debut in Taiwan, AOA members will head to Japan with their digital single “Short Hair” planned to release on October 1st. The girls will also open the Tokyo Runway 2014 fashion show on upcoming September 6.