ZE:A's Siwan takes a cute photo with Kang Sora

On August 16, actress Kang Sora uploaded a photo taken with ZE:A's Im Siwan on her twitter sharing about their first scene of new tvn drama, 'Misaeng'.

Kang Sora wrote, "First scene with intern Jang Geul Rae! Interesting!" and showed her cute smile in the photo. They look close and comfortable with each other even in their first scene.

'Misaeng' is a drama remade by a famous webtoon of author Yoon Tae Ho, telling about a real story of the young people starting their career as government officer. The drama is produced by famous director Kim Wonsuk, who directed "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and "Monster" and writer Jung Yoonjung, who wrote "Arang and the Magistrate", "Monster".

The drama starring Kang Sora, Kang Haneul, Lee Sung Min, Im Siwan is scheduled to air in the middle of October.