Youngji chooses Seungyeon as the most difficult member to approach

Kara made their appearance in 'Guerilla Date' segment on KBS' 'Entertainment Weekly' broadcast on August 23rd.

During the interview, as Youngji is the new member, the reporter asked her which member she found the most difficult to get close with. After thinking for awhile, she chose Han Seungyeon as the member that she had quite a hard time to approach.

Youngji explained,"Seungyeon unnie was the last member I met because of her drama filming schedule so I was worried a lot about how to approach her".

Seungyeon then responsed,"Give me a chance to explain. I'm a very shy person so it's true that we were awkward around each other, but it's not like that anymore. Since she works so hard I sent her a support message yesterday"