Yoochun says he's anticipating Yunho's drama + mentions TVXQ in a recent interview

Yoochun mentioned Yunho's drama and his wish to gather with his former members for a drink in a recent interview with Edaily.

He replied to the question regarding his activities after he left TVXQ,"I was happy. But after time passed, I began to think that what it was really for me. I think it was the best choice for our individual lives. Now the hatred don't exist in my mind anymore. I sincerely wish all of them could be happy".

Yunho then mentioned Yunho's drama,"I'm really anticipating to Yunho's drama 'The Night Watchman's Journal'" as it's the following drama after Jaejoong's 'Triangle'.

He also said how he wants the 5 members could have great success and his wish to gather with his former members,"Even though I don't know when, i think it would be good if we could come and drink soju together".

In addition, Yoochun's 1st movie "Sea Fog" will be premiered on August 13th.