Teen Top Niel receives his first guy-kiss for his birthday #HAPPYNIELDAY

To celebrate Teen Top Niel's 20th birthday today (international age), we bring you the freshsest news all the way from the jungle.

On the  August 15th broadcast of 'Laws of the Jungle in Indian Ocean', the youngest Niel seems to have received his first guy kiss from one of his hyungs.

As a gift for his coming-of-age, Kim Seung Soo chose 'kiss' as his present surprising not only Niel, but all the members. They are all insisted that Niel must get a kiss as a present and the birthday boy had to chose between UEE and Kim Seung Soo.  Left with no choice, the gentleman Niel chose Kim Seung Soo and thus they kissed.

During the interview, Niel commented, "Although it's not my first kiss, I think it seems like my first kiss with a guy." On the other hand, Kim Seung Soo amused with his comment, "But the first time I saw his lips, they are so puffy and it wasn't bad. 

Happy Birthday Niel! You must be shocked with your gift. You can watch the clip here.