TASTY releases dance break version of 'Addiction' and prepares for Chinese debut on 22nd

TASTY are going to leave domestic fans their song 'Addiction' before their debut in China on August 22.  'Addiction' is their third track from their 'Spectacular' single album released last year.

The twins are finally going to start promoting in their hometown by holding a large-scale debut showcase in Beijing, China on 22nd. After receiving a lot of love calls, TASTY have finally decided to enter Chinese' market. They are going to release Chinese version of their hit songs such as "You Know Me","MAMAMA", and "Day n Night". While their song 'Addiction' is going to be the title track of their debut album.

Woollim Entertainment stated, "TASTY are going to have special stages for 'Addiction' a week before their Chinese debut. Starting on 22nd, they are going to focus on their Chinese promotions."

Meanwhile, listen to the remix version of their song 'Addiction' below: