Taeyeon says Heechul is the best at imitating her voice in an interview on 'Hidden Singer 3'

Taeyeon picked Heechul as the one who does his best when it comes to imitating her voice.

In the broadcast of jTBC's 'Hidden Singer 3' on August 9th, Taeyeon was asked in an interview that if there's someone who has immitated her voice before, in which she answered,"There hasn't anyone who has imitated me seriously. My colleagues only imitate me as a joke while drinking".

Then Taeyeon was asked who does it best and she immediately replie it's Heechul. She also chose "Can You Hear Me" which was her OST from "Beethoven Virus" as the most difficult song for her to sing and even said Heechul also imitated the song a lot.

'Hidden Singer 3' is expected to broadcast on August 16th.

Check out the interview video below