SS501's Kim Hyun Joong faces lawsuit of violently assaulting his girlfriend

Dispatch shocks with their report today that the singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong has been charged with assault by his girlfriend and faces criminal charges.

According to their article, his girlfriend, whom he has been dating for two years, referred as 'Ms. A' in the article, has filed a lawsuit after suffering violent assault from Kim Hyun Joong since late May until July. Ms. A has in fact completed to turn over her evidences and medical reports to the Songpa police for her initial statement.

A friend of Ms. A stated that the two started dating in 2012 and encountered troubles with women and since then Kim Hyun Joong started assaulting Ms. A. Moreover, on her initial statement, beaten with fists and feet, Ms. A also acquired several bruises on her face and body that required her two weeks of recovery. It is reported that the place of assault is in Kim Hyun Joong's apartment in Jamsil. But it got worsen in July, when Ms. A suffered a fractured rib due to violent assault and was diagnosed of 6 weeks of recovery.

Another friend revealed that the situation had been repeatedly occurring with series of apology and forgiveness. However, as it gets worse and worse, Ms. A has decided to press criminal charges.

As of now, Kim Hyun Joong is yet to respond his criminal charges but his agency Key East Entertainment stated, "We just found out by reading the articles. We will confirm it (to him)."

There's no conclusion until everything is responded by Kim Hyun Joong's party, but if proven guilty, Kim Hyun Joong will be imprisoned for seven years or pay the fine of  $10,000.

Source: Dispatch