SM Entertainment to removie controversial images in Red Velvet's MV + get caught up in group logo plagiarism

Eventhough Red Velvet has just debuted for 1 day they already get stuck between big issue.

The group released their debut MV "Happiness" on August 1st and not long after that, many people especially Japanese fans noticed some images that were used in the MV related to the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as the September 11th attacks.

Later SM Entertainment responded to the issue,"After asking the director, he said that he just simply used a collage source for those images, there was no other intention behind it". They also added,"As this is something that SM Entertainment won't able to catch it earlier, we will remove the material that has caused the misunderstanding as soon as possible. We will focus more on these things to make sure it won't happen again in the future".

As this is a big and sensitive issue for Japanese people, it was even reported through many Japanese news on August 2nd.

Moreover, Red Velvet is also facing another controversy as the group's logo is being accused of plagiarizing a logo of an Italian suitecase brand Roncanto, but immediately some fans pointed out that not only Red Velvet but there are also other brand logos that have the same designs, and denied it being called as a plagiarism.