Siwon does the trending 'Ice Bucket Challenge' for charity

From the biggest names such as Bill Gates to celebrities like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and more, the viral social media trend 'Ice Bucket Challenge' for a cause has reached South Korean stars including Super Junior's Siwon.

ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' is a challenge to raise funds for the research and treatment of motor neurone disease. It involves pouring buckets of ice/water to yourself while being video recorded. After doing this, you must nominate three friends to face the challenge. If the challenger succeeds, he/she will donate $10 and when a nominee refuses to do the challenge within 24 hours, he/she has to pay $100 for Seung Il Hope Foundation for Lou Gehrig′s Disease research. .

Siwon has been nominated to do the challenge by Tim Hwang alongside Brian, Sean. Fortunately the three did the challenge. Siwon then nominated his Super Junior friends afterwards. Are we going to see the members being soaked?

Check out the video of Siwon doing the challenge with the help of Mano bartenders here.