Singer Lydia perform for her Filipino fans, Dara watches her

On August 7th, Korean singer Lydia visited the Philippines to perform in front of her Filipino anticipating fans.

Lydia staged her performances in Zirkoh. When she was asked about what she felt, this is what she said, "I’ve always felt like majority of my fans are Filipinos so I’m thankful for that and I just want to be here and be able to perform for them."

2NE1's Dara came to watch her show. Dara expressed her feelings on her personal Twitter account saying, "Thank you so much for those who went at Zirkoh!!! You're really the B.E.S.T crowd! Pinoys (Filipinos) are really exceptional! I'm proud of you!!! I'm so touched :)" 

Dara followed it with another tweet saying, "And of corz (course)! Congrats to lydia&marshall for their succesful show! It's their very first show in the Philippines! Amazing! I hope there's a next time :) go go go"

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