Self-confessed Ailee fans make it on the early rounds of 'Superstar K6'

Gollayan/Cercado sisters (aka MICA) from the Philippines are self-confessed Ailee fans. On the video below, MICA revealed that they really admire the voice and talent of Ailee. They said, “For us, she’s like the Beyonce of Korea. All of it was so perfect like the costumes. We idolize her."

When it's their time to perform on stage, the four Filipino sisters were shocked and emotional when they saw Ailee sitting as one of the four judges. They said, "We didn’t know that she’s one of the judges. We’ve been watching her videos on YouTube and now we’re here."

After their performance of their version of Ailee's 'U&I,' Ailee commented, “I was really, really impressed by the fact that you guys had harmonized everything, had everything on point. By far the most amazing rendition I’ve ever heard." In the end, MICA sisters were given 'pass' t-shirts. They said, "Superstar K is not a joke. It’s like a very huge competition in Asia. Being part of this is like a dream come true that we can share our talent to the whole world."

The Gollayan/Cercado/MICA sisters were not new in showcasing their singing prowess. In the Philippines, they ended up as the grand winner on a segment of  ABS-CBN's noontime show 'It's Showtime' in 2012 and they also won as the Senior Grand Champion in the Vocal Group of the World Category of the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) held in Hollywood, California in 2013.

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SOURCE: Manila Bulletin, YouTube