Secret to hold comeback showcase in Gangnam on August 11th

Secret will hold a comeback showcase for their new mini album.

TS Entertainment announced that the showcase will be held at Gangnam M-stage in Seoul on August 11th ahead of their comeback stage.

Massive promotions have been prepared for the group's comeback this time as advertisement posters have been attached in 5 major cities, also for 3 days from August 8th to 10th, "I'm In Love" CF videos will be aired on 3 major broadcast channels. The video featuring Hyosung was previously released through Naver Music TV and TS Entertainment official Youtube, it immediately attracted much attention thanks to Hyosung's beauty.

Meanwhile, Secret's new mini album "Secret Summer" will be available at midnight on August 11th, while the MV for "I'm In Love" will come out at noon on the same day.