Red Velvet Profile

Group name: Red Velvet (레드벨벳)
Label: SM entertainment
Debut date: August 01, 2014 on Music Bank
Debut song: Happiness


Stage name: Irene (아이린)
Real name: Bae Juhyeon 
Birth date: March 29, 1991
Birth Place: Daegu, South Korea
Blood type: A
Specialities: Acting, Rap
Role Model: BoA

- In 2013, she appeared in Henry's 1-4-3 Music Video
- In 2014, she was featured in 'The Celebrity' Magazine and 'OhBoy!' Magazine February issue with fellow SM ROOKIES' Taeyong, Seulgi and Johnny.
- She is said to be nicknamed ‘The 2nd Tiffany’

Stage name: Seulgi (슬기)
Real name: Kang Seulgi (강슬기)
Birth date: February 10, 1994
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Sibling: Older Brother
Specialties: Guitar, Japanese

- She trained together with f(x)'s Krystal and Sulli who are the same age as her.
- She began her training in 2007 under SM Entertainment.
- She was chosen as a trainee by Public Audition. 
- She is said to be nicknamed ‘The 2nd Taeyeon’ as she possesses great vocal ability. 
- She was also featured in ABC News “K pop Boot Camp” with two other trainees. 
- She was featured in Henry's song, Butterfly and Fantastic MV

Stage name: Wendy (웬디)
English name: Wendy Son 
Korean name: Son Seungwan
Birth date: February 21, 1994
Bith Place: Richmond Hill, Ontorio, Canada
Education: Richmond Hill High School
Blood type: O
Specialty: Guitar

- She was a member of the Richmond Hill HS Show Choir in which she participated in as a Soprano.
- She audition for Cube in February 27, 2011 in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada and was a finalist (No. 8)
- She acted in few musicals during her time as a student such as 'A Good Witch of the South' and 'Holly Polly' at her former boarding school.

Stage name: Joy (조이)
Real name: Park Soo Young
Birthday: September 3, 1996

Their debut track:

(Credit to jongruhae )