'Kpop star 3' Almeng sign with YNB entertainment

Almeng, a duo made up of Choi Rin and Lee Hae Yong in the survival audition program “K-Pop Star 3” has signed an exclusive contract with YNB Entertainment, aiming at their official debut as singers. 

During "Kpop Star 3". Almeng impressed viewers and the judges by their hip hop style with perfect bond. They were eliminated from Top 6 but received many good comments from JYP and Yang Hyun Suk.

A rep of YNB entertainment stated, “We saw some potential in the group through the audition program and felt there was a hope, so we signed a contract. We will help them show their best side”

YNB also hinted that the two may release their official debut album later this year but has not decided a specific date yet.