Kang Ji Young begins her acting career by signing with Japanese agency Sweet Power

Ex-Kara's member Kang Ji Young has been revealed to sign a contract with Japanese agency Sweet Power.

Oricon News reported on August 21st,"Kang Ji Young has signed an exclusive contract with Sweet Power and will be carrying her activities in Japan under her Hanja name "知英"".

Ji Young has been studying English in England after leaving Kara last January. It was said that she signed the contract with the agency earlier this August and is currently staying in Japan for her upcoming activities.

A rep from Sweet Power said,"Kang Ji Young will continue to show you more of her mature charm in the future As someone who is both fluently in English and Japanese, she has the potential to become a global actress".

Ji Young's 1st public appearance will be at 19th Tokyo Girls Collection Runway held at Saitama Arena on September 6th where she will be one of the runway models.