INFINITE Hoya's leg injury is revealed to be serious; emergency rehearsals needed

INFINITE Hoya's leg injury from the recording of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” on July 29 is diagnosed to be more serious than what it seems.

After a detailed check up, it was revealed that Hoya sustained damaged cartilage and sprain causing him to have limited movements. In result, he has to wear cast for two month and advised to rest.

However, INFINITE are going to have their concert 'That Summer 2' on August 7 and his injury might affect their preparation. Thus, the agency reveals that the members are going to have emergency rehearsals to adjust their choreography. However, Hoya expressed that he's going to perform despite his injury and have his fighting spirit as his painkillers, showing his enthusiasm.

Moreover, the agency stated, "The members are still doing some adjustments. Hoya's participation in the concert in still unconfirmed."

We pray for your speedy recovery Hoya!